Strong group of upperclassman hope to lead boys swimming to another year of success

Gordon Redfield-Gale, Staff Writer

The combination of a fiery team spirit and an experienced group of upperclassmen has the boys swim team ready to make a big splash in the tough CSL competition.

Although last season’s squad experienced considerable success, they were relatively young and only dipping their toes into the water. Now, the team is ready to dive straight in. 

“Everyone has experienced tremendous growth in both the summer and fall,” senior captain Leo Berg said. “I think we have a very good chance to be top three team in our conference.”

Berg’s expectations are likely fairly conservative, as they had multiple relay teams on the cusp of a state trip last year and the potential to do more of the same.

The group’s lofty expectations cannot only be attributed to the upperclassmen, as multiple sophomores and even some freshmen have a serious chance to pitch in.

“I think everyone has potential. You never know how much somebody will improve over the season,” sophomore Aaron Martin said. “We have three freshman, and they all have the chance to become real contributors.”

This talented team will only continue to improve over the season; the close knit squad will motivate each other to reach their full potential.

From the healthy competition at practices to the raucous enthusiasm at the meets, their familiarity with one another will give the group a big leg up over the competition.

“The nature of swimming is that we are all right next to each other, doing the same set, so we all want to push each other to swim faster,” Martin explained.

Combine this team spirit with the squad’s unique blend of youth and experience, and the boys swim team could become a dynasty for years to come.

Check out this dynamic group tonight at 5:30 as they take on Highland Park on the road.