Figure skating hopes to three-peat to extend dynasty

Sam Beebe, Staff Writer

Evanston’s figure skating team hopes to win their third national championship in a row this year. Even though they may not get as much buzz around Evanston as other sports, the pressure is still there for talented team.

“The season is always exciting, however it is nerve wracking as well,” senior Alina Fernandez said.  “This year I believe we have quite a strong team.” 

Part of Evanston’s success is a result of their unmatched work ethic.

Fernandez’s pre-skate routine consists of her arriving 30 minutes in advance to do an off-ice warm-up. This consists of jump roping or running, dynamic stretching, working on kicking for flexibility and off-ice jumps. 

During season, Fernandez utilizes and motivates her peers to improve for herself and to better her teammates as well. 

“Everytime I skate I try to perform better than my last practice. If I had a bad session the day before, I try to not focus on the flaws and focus on the aspects of my improvement,” Fernandez explained. 

Evanston’s Ice Skating team hopes to have more supporters come out this year, as they strive to get their third consecutive national championship.