The top five running backs for your 2019-20 fantasy football team

Eli Cohen, Assistant Sports Editor

1: Alvin Kamara, New Orleans Saints     Why is he my number 1? Of all running backs last year, Kamara totalled the fourth most points. The top three point-getters are all on my top five list, but are rated below Kamara. This may raise the question of why I think Kamara will be better? The answer is that unlike the other four running backs behind him, he is put into a dream offense for fantasy owners. The Saints have a strong offensive line, a star 40 year old quarterback in Drew Brees that is aging just like a fine wine and a great receiver to draw attention to the defense in Michael Thomas. Their offense is stellar and Kamara is a huge weapon for them. Additionally, the departure of their other RB Mark Ingram last year gives him more carries. Kamara did a lot of his damage in the passing game last year, and even though he has averaged 5.1 yards per carry thus far in his career (the highest among any player on this list), Ingram did take away a lot of opportunities for Kamara. This year I think Kamara will keep improving at his modest age of 24, and would certainly be my choice with the first overall pick. 


2: Saquon Barkley, New York Giants     Why isn’t he higher? The talent is there for sure, but he isn’t number one simply because the Giants offense is horrible due to an unserviceable quarterback and a weak offensive line. This makes them one dimensional with the run game, which will let the defense focus on Barkley. Especially with the loss of Odell Beckham and injuries to wide receivers Sterling Shepard and Corey Coleman, this offense is going to be Barkley’s. While this may mean Barkley will get plenty of touches, the defense can focus on the run which can limit his productivity.


3: Todd Gurley, Los Angeles Rams     Why isn’t he higher? The reason for Gurley dropping to three even after posting the best season of any RB last year is concerns about the amount of carries he will get. After getting significantly less touches in the playoffs last year, there are concerns with how many times he will get the ball.


4: Christian McCaffrey, Carolina Panthers     Why isn’t he higher? McCaffrey is an unconventional RB. He is the best receiving back in the NFL, but doesn’t tally up as many rushing yards as some of the other top RB’s. Because of this, he has some incredible games as well as some mediocre games.


5: Le’veon Bell, New York Jets     Why isn’t he higher? Before holding out last season, Bell was the best running back in the league. But now on the Jets, a new offense, a worse offensive line and less other weapons may make his productivity decrease.