Fantasy football tips

Eli Cohen, Assistant Sports Editor

1: Wait to draft a quarterback. 

While a quarterback is the center of every real football team, there is no need to draft a QB early for your fantasy team. The reason for this is because all quarterbacks put up around the same amount of points. To see a quarterback pass for less than 200 yards is an anomaly, and to see one pass for more than 350 yards is also quite rare. The difference between 200 yards and 350 in a traditional scoring league is a whopping 6 points. Additionally, the top 12-ish quarterbacks in the NFL are all tremendously productive. There truly is no need to draft one early!

My example from last year: Phillip Rivers, San Diego Chargers

A good late round target this year: Phillip Rivers, San Diego Chargers


2: Stay away from controversy.

Almost every year there are stars who either don’t show up to training camp, are appealing a suspension, or for any reason may not be on the field right away or at all. If this is even possible with someone you’re considering as a selection, you probably shouldn’t choose them. Last year, I had the first pick in one of my leagues, and while Steelers RB Le’veon Bell was most peoples’ choice with the first pick, I avoided taking him due to the fact that he hadn’t yet signed a contract with Pittsburgh, and I was unsure if he would. Bell didn’t end up playing last season, and my pick, Ezekiel Elliott (who now is in the midst of some controversy himself), was an incredible option for my first RB.


My example from last year: Le’veon Bell, Pittsburgh Steelers (contract holdout)

Who I’m avoiding this year: Ezekiel Elliott, Dallas Cowboys (no-show at training camp), Tyreek Hill, Kansas City Chiefs (legal issues), Melvin Gordon, San Diego Chargers (contract holdout)


3: Running backs early, running backs often.

Indubitably, the most important position in fantasy football is an RB. The reason for this is because there simply aren’t many elite running-backs in the NFL, which means there’s a large disparity amongst running backs’ point differentials. If you’re able to land one of the top RB’s, you won’t be disappointed.