Fallin’ into season: Boys Cross Country

Benji Fervoy, Staff Writer

The boys cross country team looks to improve upon last year’s historically impressive season.

“The team did better than expected last season to be honest,” coach Donald Michelin Jr. explained. “We knew it was a long shot to be a serious competitor.”

Last year’s success was due largely to star seniors Joey Eovaldi and Logan Singer.

“We’re looking at juniors Jay Moran and Max Peterson to be the big stars this season,” Michelin explained.  

After a fibula fracture, Peterson looks to come back stronger this season and build upon the success he experienced last year.

“Max’s injury seriously lessened our chances at sectionals and at state last year,” said Michelin. “Our team is talented, the real challenge is the team’s attitude.”

Cross country is not what many would consider a “team sport,” yet Michelin is working to build a sense of camaraderie through yoga and team games in workouts balancing out the stress with fun.

“This team loves yoga, the change of pace from hard workouts allows everyone to catch their breath and regain peak performance,” explained junior runner Jack Rutstein.

With the new attitude of teamwork in mind, With the new attitude of teamwork in mind, the squad’s first meet will take place Sept. 1 at Hinsdale Central.