13 Wildkits to compete at D1 level this fall.

Isaiah Ricketts will play lacrosse at Canisuis University next fall.

Isaiah Ricketts will play lacrosse at Canisuis University next fall.

Isaiah Ricketts – Canisius lacrosse

“I’m looking forward to experiencing a new environment, to hopefully bring my game to the next level, and to strive through adversity.

Enyaeva Michelin – North Carolina track and XC

“I chose to play college athletics because I truly feel like my sport gives me such a huge purpose in life, and that’s something I want to continue to improve myself in over the next four years.”

Harel Anolick – Duke diving

“I chose to continue playing sports in college because I want to continue to compete in the sport that I love, and I want to continue to build on my skills and improve. I’m just not ready to end my diving career.”

Marnie O’Malley – Marquette lacrosse

“I’m looking forward to practicing, playing and traveling with my team. Also the gear – I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t excited.”

Anastasia Goncharova – UC Santa Barbara tennis

“What I love most about my sport is the fact that there is always something you can get better at. Every day the game is different and ultimately all your results and matches depend only you.”

Jacob Griffin – Richmond lacrosse

“I chose Richmond because of the combo of academics and athletics. They offered me on my birthday, and it was the most amazing present ever; I committed one day later.”

Aidan Dillon – Minnesota swimming

“I felt right at home as I got onto campus. The coaches and team made me feel part of the program as soon as I met them and I didn’t want to leave at the end of the trip.”

Matthew Bates – UI Chicago track 

“I love the physical and mental demands that [my sport] requires and being able to train and demonstrate my ability of that.”

Jackson Weyman – Marquette soccer

“I chose Marquette because it was the best fit for both soccer and academics. When I committed it felt amazing because all the hard work over the years had payed off.”

Matt Caines – Eastern Illinois triple jump 

“I am most looking forward to competing at the highest level of collegiate sports and getting a chance to compete against the best athletes.”

Joey Eovaldi – Syracuse track and XC

“The program at Syracuse University is driven towards achieving and maintaining success and remaining focused on ourselves. That formula is great, and I am excited to join.”

Other Division I athletes: Davis Patterson (SIU track), Gabe Cheeks (Western Illinois track).