The Evanstonian | Vol. 104, Issue 5

Page 2: Letter from the Editor | Why I hate news and love journalism by Zachary Bahar

Page 3: Students continue community service, activism during COVID-19 by Bridget Baker

Page 4: As pandemic rages, families face financial instability by Angie Gomez

Page 5: Three visions of criminal justice reform in Evanston by Maddie Coyle

Page 6: Combating Evanston’s environmental racism by Gabi Karlan

Page 7: Standardized testing needs to be abolished by Saskia Teterycz

Page 7: The complexities of intergenerational trauma by Tamara Guy

Page 8: Women’s history right in Evanston’s backyard by Lauren Dain

Page 9: Girls face misogyny in the classroom and out of the classroom by Jojo Wertheimer

Page 10: Cultivating self-worth within a toxic society by Ingrid Halverson

Page 11: Students across country yearn for normalcy in school routine by Jilian Denlow

Page 12: “My Crown, My Sword:” Life as a Hijabi at ETHS by Zachary Bahar

Page 14: From one circus family to another by Foster Ellen

Page 15: Opinion | Why I worry about IHSA’s plan to bring back sports by Eli Cohen

Page 16: My journey as a Division 1 football prospect during COVID-19 by Kamau Ransom