Mr. Lowe,


From left: Werner, Lowe and Cameron Mulvihill, 2018-19 Entertainment Reviewer, at a 2019 IHSA event.

Chris Werner, 2018-19 Sports Editor

Your teaching style was, how shall I say this, unique. Whether it be the competitive current events quizzes that were supposed to happen weekly, but really occurred only about once a month or the cringy transitions on your powerpoints, you had your own system. 

But, boy, did you know your stuff and care about your students. You weren’t afraid to shoot down a story pitch you didn’t like, but you also weren’t afraid to fight for your students when need be. If you thought something was wrong, you worked tirelessly to make it right. 

That tenacity and determination may be the biggest lesson you taught me, don’t be scared to get dirty for what you think is right. But to not get dirty in heaven, don’t forget to bring your boots!


Chris Werner