‘I would not be who I am today without him and his impact on my life.’


Idler and Lowe on Decision Day 2017.

Samantha Idler, 2016-17 Executive Editor

It’s hard to find the perfect words to honor the life of Rodney Lowe. While there are millions of stories and memories I shared with him over my four years at Evanston Township High School, his legacy extends far greater than just my story. Lowe was an inspiration to hundreds and many of his students went on to be nationally recognized journalists. Past students would come in and tell their successes and the role Lowe played in helping them get there. It was always my dream to be one of those students.

He always pushed people to do better and dream bigger. From basic journalistic skills, to learning how to self-advocate, Lowe had a passion for not only ethics, but also his students. He didn’t treat The Evanstonian like it was a high school publication and he would stand up for us no matter the situation, first as journalists, but also as people. While this often landed  him in trouble with administration, it showed he truly cared.

My time at ETHS would not have been the same without Lowe. He remains a constant inspiration in my life and will forever be one of my greatest mentors. I wouldn’t be who I am today without him and I can only hope to leave a legacy as great as his.