Dear Mr. Lowe,

Sarah Frieman, 2018-19 Executive Editor

For my tribute to Mr. Lowe, I decided to write a thank you letter to commemorate all that he has done for me, and because I don’t think I ever got the chance to thank him properly.

I remember you used to invite speakers and guests to the class once in a while, and oftentimes they used to be past students of yours, now older and successful in their fields. After a few of these events, I started noticing a pattern. Each time a past student would come in, they always seemed to emphasize how much you impacted their life, and how they continued to use the skills that you had taught them in their everyday lives, regardless of their profession. I guess at the time, although I had always known how special of a teacher you were, I never fully grasped the meaning of what they were saying. That was until I stepped outside the realm of high school journalism, The Evanstonian, and your class. When I graduated and got to college, I started to realize just how much I had learned under you, the skills I had developed, and how useful they became to me every single day. I now understand what those speakers were saying. Mr. Lowe, you truly did impact my life, gave me invaluable knowledge that I know I would not have without your instruction and I am eternally grateful for it. 

While I am thankful for all the practical and technical skills that you have passed down to me, and probably every single one of your students, I feel that your impact in my life has gone far beyond that. I will never forget the moment at the end of your introductory journalism class when you pulled me, an insecure and unsure freshman, aside and urged me to join the newspaper. You told me how good you thought my writing was, and how much potential you saw in it. A few years later, right before you retired, you pulled me aside again, and encouraged me to apply for the Executive Editor position, and that you thought that I would make a great leader. These small moments made the biggest difference in the world for me. Mr. Lowe, you gave me tremendous purpose and truly showed me how to believe in myself. You pushed me to work my hardest, at a level no teacher or professor has ever done before, and that fact still remains true today. With your help, I was given motivation, drive, and confidence that I never before had in my life. All these characteristics still are with me today because of you.

Finally, Mr. Lowe, I want to thank you for your dedication as a teacher and adviser. You were a true role model and showed me what it means to put everything into something you love. You showed every one of your students the same attention, dedication and drive. As a teacher, you brought out the best in every one of us. While you no longer are physically here with all of us, I feel that your spirit lies in each and every one of your students, and I know I will carry it with me every single day for the rest of my life.


Sarah Frieman