Opinion | ETHS’ lack of communication creates panic for student body

Bennett Jefferson, Staff Writer

One of the biggest issues I have with the safety system is how the school manages informing the students about events that happen in school. For example, early in November, ETHS officials discovered a loaded gun in the school brought by a student and made no formal announcement during the school day. Information was only communicated to students and parents at 4 pm via email. I understand the risk with making an announcement earlier and the possibility of panic, but I feel if there had been an email sent out earlier then people would feel a bit more secure in the schools response to such a situation. 

Another example of confusion caused by a lack of communication was on Wednesday, Nov. 30, there was a small fire in the Arts Wing around 8:20 am. I, along with many other students, were already in the building and were unsure of how to respond to an alarm going off. Only after school started did the administration make a short announcement explaining that the situation was under control. I think it would have been much better if there had been some sort of announcement during AM support to alert students that were already in the building of the situation as soon as possible. I feel that the primary issue with safety at school is effective communication and more effort put into building trust among students with the safety administration, but I do believe this issue can be solved relatively easily.