Opinion | ETHS ‘cares’ about you: New policies harm, not help, students

Sophia Sherman, Opinion Editor

Each day for the first few weeks of the school, at 11:25 a.m., students have been met with the blaring of the school bell and the familiar sentiment that, “ETHS cares about you.” Then, just five minutes later, those same students are ushered into assigned cafeterias—isolating them from their friends and creating a culture of control that ruins their only designated break of the day. 

Since the start of the school year, this has been a familiar pattern: administrators introduce a new policy in hopes of further exerting their power, and, subsequently, justify it with talking points about “caring” for their students. In just one month, these recent policies—lunch, tardy, and phone—have already deteriorated student wellbeing. How’s that for caring for their students?

Below, find opinion articles that delve into each of these policies: the phone ban, the reintroduction of tardies and the more stringent lunch rules.