A year with Donald Trump

Jacob Dalton, Opinion Writer


It has been a year since Donald J. Trump was elected as President of the United States. I think we can all agree it has been an interesting ride, but let’s take a closer look at the ups and downs of the highly productive last year.

During his first month, President Trump signed seven presidential orders and 11 memos regarding immigration, travel bans and oil pipelines among others. This is fewer than former president Barack Obama in his first year,  who signed nine executive orders and 10 memos regarding the war on terror, immigration and the economic crisis. Undoubtedly, former president Obama was highly productive  in his eight years in office for the people of the United States  economically, politically and civilly on subjects like the crime rate and the global war on terror ( GWOT)

Since Mr. Trump became president Trump’s approval rating shot up during the first three months, and then slowly drifted down to remain steady near 40 percent according to a poll done by Fox news.

Although many Americans may view  President Trump as a bigot, in reality, Trump is anything but, made clear by his campaign slogan that he wishes to make America, and all Americans, great again. Although his ratings have dropped, this does not mean that he is universally disliked. In 2009, former President Obama’s approval rating took a big hit and continued to fall until a slowly climbing in late 2010.  The same happened to former president George Bush. This is a common trend in the early months of each president’s first year. Since his inauguration, President Trump has made changes to standing law and standing unwritten law. He has shown loyalty to his people, blue collar to black tie, camouflage to blue jeans. President Trump has always pushed an agenda of “America First” that has made both colossal strides and major fallbacks. Hopefully, President Trump will be able to stem the flow of domestic and foreign terrorism that has gripped our country over his next three years in the office, otherwise, re-election chances are slim.