I am here to voice your needs

I am here to voice your needs

Emma Stein, School Board Representative

Hello and welcome to the 2017-2018 school year! My name is Emma Austin Stein, and as your Student Representative to the School Board I am here to voice your needs and ideas to the larger administration.

    I attend all School Board meetings and have the unique opportunity to question and comment on board decisions, as well as update the administration on current student affairs.

    I am excited to work with all of you to foster meaningful change within ETHS and the Evanston community. My top goal for the upcoming school year is to connect your thoughtful critiques to the process of bringing about change. There is often a disconnect between student dissatisfaction and the administration, and I aim to bridge that gap. I am serving as your direct line of communication to the School Board, so please come to Student Senate meetings (Mr. Pond’s room after school on Thursdays) and email me with questions, concerns, and suggestions ([email protected]).

    I am truly honored to serve as your Student Rep, and I want to make myself as accessible as possible. I ran on a campaign of change, and my priorities include physical education

reform, addressing issues of       

equity, and general tweaking of grading policies. Yet, my ideas are no more important than any of yours. I want to hear about the issues nearest to your hearts, whatever they may be.

    I cannot wait to hear from all of you and help this beautiful community grow together. Let’s make it a great year!