Take advantage of the time you have left

Take advantage of the time you have left



Lose the mentality that you’re “too cool” for school events.

High school is so much more than tests and grades. It is also about trying new things, like cheering in the stands, clapping in the audience, and of course, creating lifelong memories with those around you.

Seniors, in these last few months you’ve been tying up your time here at ETHS. Do you feel satisfied with your involvement? Do you come out to support your fellow Wildkits on a random school night? Did you see any of the spectacular shows, games, presentations?

Underclassmen, you’ve still got time! Take this advice and start attending events. Whether it be concerts, plays, sports games, fundraisers or empowering conferences, we promise you won’t regret it.

We know students have busy schedules, and it can be difficult to cut out time for these events. Yet, many of these events will encourage you to take a break and relieve your stress, even if it’s just for a couple of hours.

Some people might argue that they have better things to do. You’re in school for seven hours a day, who really wants to go back after that? While this point is valid, it’s important to realize that some of these experiences are life-changing. We promise, on your final day of senior year you’ll be glad you attended.

We at the Evanstonian believe that all students, beginning as freshmen, need to engage in more school activities. Beyond their own extracurriculars, students should make an effort to see and experience all that their peers do. Appreciate school dances, no matter how lame the music is. Cheer on athletes, even if it’s cold outside. Buy tickets for a show, even if you’re not “into” musicals.

Change your mindset and high school can be a completely different experience. ETHS is a unique school, and its opportunities unparalleled. Appreciate it.