P.E. Summer equals stress free school year

P.E. Summer equals stress free school year

Ethan Harvey, Opinion Editor

Don’t lie to yourself. You know that at one point or another, you have complained about P.E. class.

The constant complaints made by students about P.E. raise the question of why the course is not offered in summer school.

Far too often we hear complaints from students about remembering to bring shoes, being sweaty the rest of the day and even changing into a dirty gym uniform. With P.E. in summer school, students wouldn’t have to worry about other classes or course work, as this would be their only class. Also, for the students who find themselves at a lack for time due to stressful course load and extracurriculars, having that free period would give them time to complete some of their homework or even take a break if needed.

Currently, students need seven physical education credits and one wellness credit to graduate. Because of this, they must take one P.E. course per semester, unless they elect to take wellness in summer school prior to sophomore year.

According to an article in the Chicago Tribune, other schools in the area have already implemented P.E. in their slate of summer school classes. For example, students at Warren Township High School in Gurnee prefer the summer route. Furthermore, most students were happy to get it over with since they were very busy in the school year with multiple AP classes, sports, and other extra curricular activities.

Nevertheless, while P.E. class can be tedious, it serves its purpose for the students who aren’t able to get that daily physical activity. Additionally, the early bird program is a great way for students to get their 40 minutes of activity in before the school day starts. This will then grant students a free period during the school day. Many students enjoy this option because it makes for less hassle during the day and 100% of their focus can be directed towards schoolwork.

Sadly, early bird has its share of downsides: Firstly, this program is limited to juniors and seniors only. Also, early bird begins too early for many students.

The idea of an active summer is one that needs to be talked about more. Although it would be hard to add all possible P.E. classes, semester long courses like Adventure Ed., martial arts, and sophomore P.E. are must-haves. This will fall in nicely with the 13-day session from 8 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. As we are getting busier in the school and more active outside of school, we deserve this choice.