Exercising your first amendment

Abrielle Claude, Online Writer

Recent, San Francisco 49ers Quarterback Colin Kaepernick was shamed by many people for not standing up for the National Anthem because he believed our flag still does not represent freedom for everyone. Kaepernick chose a difficult route in exercising his first amendment right to shed light on societal issues rather than capitalizing on endorsements.

Many students at ETHS have attended demonstrations to voice their own opinions on issues important to them. Recently, a sit in was held during school hours to protest against the dress code policies which disproportionately target females. These protests are important because they are a way to hear and learn about injustices happening in the community and hear difficult conversations.

At times the message driving the protests may be hard to hear, but the beauty of our country is that we can use our first amendment right to make our society better for everyone.