A letter from your student representative

Honor Allen

Hey Wildkits! I’m Honor, I’m a senior, and I’m your Student Representative for the School Board. This is a pretty fancy-sounding title, and yet, I’m going to guess a lot of you have no idea what it means. This is not without good reason. ETHS is a big school and the Student Reps over the last few years have really struggled to reach every student. Or even reach some of the students, to be honest.

Basically, I’m the president of Student Senate and my job is to bring all of your concerns and ideas to the Senate and then to the School Board during our monthly meetings. This is an elected position and one that I take very seriously.

I mentioned before that I expect that most of you don’t know what I do. Making sure everyone knows what I do and knows that they can bring their concerns and ideas to me is one of my biggest goals for this year. All I am, as Student Rep, is your mouthpiece. I’m like a megaphone for your student voices. The problem is that it’s pointless to be a megaphone when no one is speaking into it. So speak! Come to Senate meetings (Mr. Pond’s room after school on Thursdays), email me (at [email protected]), or pull me aside in the hallway.

I’m going to be doing everything I can to make myself and Student Senate more accessible so that all of you have a real chance to make change at ETHS, but that’s only half the battle. I can’t wait for this year; it’s going to be a great one!