A hurry up offense to destroy Black careers in the NFL

Grant English, Guest Writer

Beaten unconscious.

Everyone knows about former Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice and the “one two combo” he used to knock out his wife in an elevator. But what if I told you he wasn’t the only player to seriously injure their significant other in the past two years?

On Jan. 30, 2015, Johnny Manziel of the Cleveland Browns reportedly ruptured his girlfriend’s eardrum in a domestic violence incident. While I might not be an expert, I think it’s safe to assume that good old Johnny-boy didn’t rupture her eardrum by screaming in it. It is a simple fact that black players are treated unfairly when it comes to punishment in the NFL.

There is really only one reason why Ray Rice is not on an NFL team, and that is because he is a black man who made a mistake rather than a white man. He has not been offered any support by former players or the NFL, while white Johnny Manziel is still being referred to as “confused” and “someone who just needs some help.” The bottom line is that domestic abuse is wrong and illegal, which is why that everyone guilty of it should be prosecuted by that state. If it were my choice, Manziel would be cut from the Browns and suspended by the NFL.

Now while some people will bring up the argument that Adrian Peterson of the Minnesota Vikings got to come back this year after beating his kid, that argument is slightly invalid. Yes, Peterson was allowed back in the NFL, but that was after a year long suspension and other mandatory requirements from the NFL by the NFL. Peterson served his time for the crime he committed, but Manziel hasn’t been given any time to serve.

The schmucks running the NFL need to make some changes, because they haven’t shown justice. NFL issues involving black players, from Ray Rice’s domestic violence charge to Ahmad Brooks “Illegal” hit, have seen the players involved unfairly punished; while issues involving white players, such as Tom Brady’s deflate gate or Peyton Manning’s HGH allegations, have been thrown out or given little punishment. It’s ridiculous how differently NFL executives have been treating black players for the past decade.