Let’s stop wasting our free periods


We need to stop wasting our free periods.

We all know that finishing homework or getting ahead on assignments is the most effective use of free periods, but most of us spend our time socializing, watching Netflix, or playing on our phones. Most of us leave the building with less than 20% battery left on our phones, and it isn’t because we are playing Kahoot in class all day.

Having a free period in our schedule is a choice. With all of the required classes, it is tough to get a break, making the homework load heavier and the time to get it done shorter. With practice, work, and other activities, it is hard to fit in time to do schoolwork. Those rare moments of free time during the school day are often overlooked by those who would rather Snapchat their friends than get ahead in school.

Students complain about having tons of homework, but many have free periods that could be used to work. ETHS has many resources for students to get help from teachers during their free periods, but many students can be found socializing in the Hub or watching Netflix in Central Library. If students went to study centers or the Bacon Study Cafeteria, it would be a more efficient use of time.

We all have at least one period for lunch. Additionally, many upperclassmen have a free period scheduled that follows their lunch, allowing two free periods to eat. Most students use this as an extra lunch period instead of as a study hall. We often complain that we aren’t allowed to leave the building during non-lunch free periods. However, doing so would give students another outlet to waste their time.

On the other hand, many students take classes that are incredibly challenging and their energy is depleted quickly by working so hard. The effort that many students are putting forth does warrant free time. Some students also focus more efficiently at home without the distractions of school.

Principal Campbell says that the way students spend their free periods is a reflection of their grades. Students with better grades can have more free time while students who are struggling should take advantage of their free period. Our school ensures that underclassmen have a study hall with supportive programs designed to increase productivity and time management skills. Upperclassmen are allowed more freedom, and the way that time is spent is up to us.

We at the Evanstonian believe that we need to utilize the resources our school has to offer for academic support during our free periods, like the Bacon Study Cafe, study centers in the Hub and individual teacher support periods.