We must implement free college tuition


It is imperative that we sup- port federal action for free public education. College is treated like a mandate but priced like a luxury.
According to the College Board, the average price for a student to attend an out-of-state school for one year would be $23,898, and as the number of years it takes to earn a degree increases, the total debt sums to upwards of a hundred thousand dollars. The price is rigged to favor the wealthy, and gives an unfair disadvantage to the lower and middle class.
Eliminating this cost for our nation’s students gives them an opportunity to create a life for themselves after graduation, without drowning in the stress of financial instability. Cutting tuition will finally allow equal opportunity for all.
The high price of education caps the potential of our future’s minds. Students shy away from their dream college because their parents cannot afford it.
America is supposed to have opportunity for all, but an overpriced education is the key to opportunity. Eradicating this worry will expand the horizons for the future of our country. Attending college pushes a student’s success further; the innovative minds of our country must stop being trumped.
Free college would be funded through taxpayers money. Less than one percent of taxes would go toward college, averaging to $33 per taxpayer per year, which is completely manage- able.
It can be understood why certain people wouldn’t want to pay this tax. The pressure
that college is the only option after graduation is overwhelm- ing, and instating a tax to support the path to college might frustrate those who believe in alternatives.
Cutting tuition from public universities doesn’t change yearning for privatized education. Harvard will still cost an absurd amount of money, and this plan won’t cover the fact that people will still want this elite and expensive education.
Although it is important to rep- resent everyone, 33.5% of American adults have graduated from college. This means a large portion of the population is interested in furthering their education. It’s time to make this goal more accessible.