Participation gives you power

Wildkits need to be more involved in student government.

As a senior, I’ve heard plenty of students moan about things they don’t like at our school. But here’s a heads up: if you don’t like something, you can work to change it. That’s what student government is all about.

Since being elected your Student Representative last May, I’ve been attending District 202 Board Meetings, listening to concerns, and realizing that it really is all about us. In this school we are the consumers and the creators of our educational experience when we get involved.

Besides, getting involved is actually fun! Student Council meets Wednesday mornings at 7:30 a.m. in the Hub. In addition to getting a free glazed donut (or chocolate donut if that’s your thing), Student Council plans our dances and generates school spirit. Plus, it isn’t just for elected officials. We’re elected to do the work, but we nominate you to create concepts that make our events memorable.

Enjoy getting glow in the dark face paint at the Neon Nights Homecoming Dance? That was us. Did you have fun tossing around giant blowup balls at the pep rally? Also us. There’s no excuse not to get involved, because all you have to do is show up.

So school spirit isn’t your thing? Then join Student Senate. A partner with Student Council, Student Senate focuses on student action and legislation. We’re the group that brought you AM Support before finals, intramural sports, two forums with Evanston Mayor Tisdale and partnered with Northwestern University. If you want Swedish Fish or Sour Patch kids, meetings are after schools on Thursdays until 4:30 p.m. in room A223W.

There’s no better time to get involved.  Take it from Student Activities Director Nicole Boyd, who believes students should pitch in where they can.  While Donald Trump leads the polls with 25%, the Illinois budget crisis threatens the stability of Illinois residents, and Evanston reels from its third homicide victim of the year, it’s clear there’s work to be done.

Doing your piece to make our school better is as easy is showing up to student government meetings, or exploring the countless other clubs that exist to improve your experience.

Can’t find a club or initiative that speaks to you? Then create your own club or project. I’m working on creating a Wildkit discount card, establishing no homework weekends, and improving school lunches.

Want to join me? Wildkits, let’s get involved and get political.