AP classes overshadow other options


Don’t feel pressured into AP.

Students shouldn’t feel so inclined to take harder classes that they forget about all their other options.

Going to ETHS is a unique experience because students can take so many different classes that cater to different interests.  However, not all these classes get taken advantage of because people think that taking AP classes will make them more successful going forward.  It is true that AP classes can help with college admissions, but students should look into other options as well. Classes like Creative Writing will often get overshadowed by English 4 AP. Additionally, students think taking an AP science over Astronomy or Geoscience is a better choice.

For college-bound students, taking as many AP classes as you can seems like the best thing you can do. The years that students get the most amount of say in what classes they’re taking are their junior and senior years.  At this point, many students have figured out what classes they like and what subjects they’re good at. So if they’ve decided that they want focus on one subject, they shouldn’t feel pressured to take AP classes for things they’re not interested in.  Instead, they can take a more creative class or something that they’ll genuinely enjoy.

According to Beth Arey, College and Career Coordinator, students who take AP classes are more likely to succeed in college and have better success rates, even if they only score a two on the AP exam.

In addition, colleges want to see that you’re challenging yourself in your classes.   However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that students should take more AP classes than they can handle.  Rather than choosing an AP-packed schedule, it’s important to find a balance that will work for college but also current stress and interest levels.

In some cases, AP classes are pushed onto students so heavily that many feel like it is their only option. Counselors should talk to students about what their interests are, and recommend classes for them accordingly.

AP classes improve your transcript and your GPA, but if it’s not one of your interests, you don’t need to be taking an AP class.  Don’t totally throw AP options out the door, since they are still definitely beneficial.  But remember to look at all your options and find the balance that works for you.