Evanstonian names 2021-22 Executive Editors

The Evanstonian is excited to welcome the executive editors for the 2021-22 school year: Eden Drajpuch and Lauren Dain. Eden and Lauren have been Evanstonian staff members since their freshman year and are eager to continue contributing to the paper and community as executive editors. 

“I am so excited to be an executive editor next year, I am very honored to have gotten this position, and I’m super excited to be working with Lauren, and very much looking forward to seeing what we’re able to do next year,” Drajpuch remarked.

“I feel so honored to be one of the execs, and I’m looking forward to all we can do in this position,” Dain said. 

Dain and Drajpuch joined the Evanstonian as freshmen and have had the privilege of seeing the community change and grow under the leadership of previous executive editors. They are looking forward to bringing their experience as staff and passion to their leadership this coming year. 

“The Evanstonian was the first thing I joined when I got to high school… and it’s always been such a safe and comforting space for me,” Dain recalled.

Both incoming execs are looking forward to the opportunity to work with the entire Evanstonian community to build a welcoming space for writers and artists. Beyond their goals for the physical paper, both execs are looking forward to growing as a community.

“[One of our goals], is continuing to grow the community of writers and everybody, the people who contribute, and staying focused on our goals within equity and diversity within the paper,” explained Dain. 

“ I think really centering ourselves in a place where we can focus on bringing in new writers, new voices, new perspectives…. I think getting back to a place where there’s a strong sense of community among everybody on staff, and where we are together and enjoying each other’s company,” Drajpuch echoed. 

With over a year since the Evanstonian has met in-person, both execs are looking forward to being back in-person as an entire Evanstonian community in the fall and 

“I want the community and people in the Evanstonian to hold me accountable and to tell me when they think that they could have done something better, or when we can work together to do something better than what we have been doing… At the same time, we’re trying our best and this is something that we are committed to and we are passionate about, and I hope that that comes through in the work that we do,” Drajpuch said.