Remembering ETHS: Cynthia Bumbry

Photo courtesy of Cynthia Bumbry.

Photo courtesy of Cynthia Bumbry.

Sari Oppenheimer, Staff Writer

Cynthia Bumbry began working at ETHS in 1985, and in her 35 years as a staff member, she has become an integral part of the ETHS community.

During her time at ETHS, Bumbry has filled many roles across different departments. In the P.E. and athletics department, Bumbry was the head coach for girls basketball, an assistant coach for softball, boys tennis and a gym teacher. In her time as a coach, Bumbry won the title of coach of the year for basketball and took the girl’s basketball team to state. 

“It’s been like a roller coaster ride, different people have come, people have gone; but I love a roller coaster, because I like the unexpected twists and turns, as opposed to being on a merry go round and has one speed and goes one direction. I like the changes that have been going on here,” Bumbry said.

 For the past 20 years, Bumbry has been a Dean of Students. As a Dean of Students, she emphasized the importance of treating everyone with respect. As a student advocate, Bumbry made it her goal to help guide students by treating them as she would want to be treated. 

“The main thing is treating everybody you come into contact with with respect, and to me, you have to give respect to earn respect,” Bumbry said. 

Bumbry’s impact on the entire ETHS community reaches beyond her interactions with students that come into her office. After 35 years as a teacher, coach and Dean, she has had the opportunity to impact the lives of those she interacted with. From students who came into her office and explained how their parents also knew her, or alumni that came back during breaks to tell her what they were doing. 

“The breadth of the way that she’s impacted the community is really powerful because she has very close ties after 35 years,” Associate Principal for Student Services Taya Kinzie said. 

In retirement, Bumbry plans to spend more time with friends and family. She also plans on getting to do things she is passionate about but hasn’t had the time for including photography, watching movies and listening to music.