Climate action team speaks at school board meeting

Noah Kayaian, Staff Writer

On Nov. 12, 2019, members of the E-Town Climate Action Team spoke at an ETHS school board meeting.

The students discussed a variety of topics ranging from the way climate change is affecting underprivileged communities to the steps that should be taken to make ETHS more eco-friendly. 

“ETHS must commit to a transition to 100% renewable energy… both to save money, energy and become greener,” junior Greta Stolte said. “ETHS uses natural gas, and while that’s better than coal, it’s [not renewable].”

Noam Hasak-Lowy, a junior, addressed the effect this would have on future generations in her three-minute address towards the board.

“Neither I nor any of my peers can justify bringing life into the world given the state that it’s in,” Hasak-Lowy said. 

The Climate Action Team hopes the board goes forward with some of their proposals in order to make ETHS a more eco-friendly school.