#WeAreTheSolution campaign raises awareness and promotes activism

Sarah Frieman, News Editor

     Throughout the month of April, the Sexual Assault Awareness Club facilitated a series of educational workshops and activities for students and staff as part of the #WeAreTheSolution campaign for sexual assault awareness and activism.

      A play, Now That We’re Men was shown during periods eight and nine on April 13. A follow-up to writer and director Katie Cappiello’s first play, Slut, Now That We’re Men highlighted rape culture from the perspective of five teen boys.

     “This play came out of a conversation, talking about things like masculinity and the patriarchy,” actor Fred Hechinger said during the Q&A session following the play. “We were all eager to start this conversation because we felt like there were no other safe spaces we we could.”

      The play showed different occurrences commonly carried out in high school. All were beginning stages of an escalation towards assault.

      “We look at our play as a tragedy masked as a comedy,” Cappiello said. “We want our audience members to laugh but also think about why they’re laughing about things that are so offensive.”

      Now That We’re Men is all based on true stories, including some that happened to students of Cappiello.

     “It was relatable and real for a guy. It connected the difficult nature of sexual assault to common behavior and language,” junior Will Allen said.

       The spring pep rally last Friday was another platform for the Sexual Assault Awareness club’s #WeAreTheSolution campaign, featuring a video with students, staff and administration speaking on the nature of consent.

      During the week of April 23, ETHS hosted a number of workshops facilitated by Chicago Alliance Against Sexual Exploitation and Rape Victim Advocates. Earlier in the month, teachers were invited to attend professional development opportunities organized by Northwest CASA and ETHS service staff on issues ranging from sexting to victim blaming as it affects their students.