Spirit week kicks off after winter break

Spirit week kicks off after winter break

A change of spirit.

In past years, winter spirit week has always been after semester exams. However, this year it was moved to the week before exams, Jan. 4 through Jan.8.

“I think the planners of spirit week do the best that they can to make spirit week a success,” said Principal Marcus Campbell. “However, I don’t know how this change will go over with teachers. I hope it’s not an issue, but if it is, it will not happen next year.”

The date of spirit week this year was decided by Athletic Director Chris Livatino in order to coincide with the varsity boys basketball team against Glenbrook South on Friday, Jan 8.

“Spirit week is a low commitment activity that all students can do,” said Nichole Boyd, director of Student Activities. “I’m just worried that the students will forget about it because it’s right after winter break.”

This timing of spirit week ends with a pep rally on Friday, causing it to be a short day. This gives teachers even less time to prepare their students for exams.

“I don’t think spirit week will really distract the students,” said biology teacher Teresa Granito. “Friday is only shortened by five minutes, so it’s not such a big deal.”
For all the students and staff involved the week is expected to be a success.

“It’s a great way to celebrate the end of our academic semester,” said Livatino.