Maritza Figiel

Maritza Figiel

Most people choose to relax and pursue a passion when they retire, but for Spanish Teacher Maritza Figiel is planning on continuing her passion for teaching.

“I really enjoyed my years here. If I could go back to Northwestern when I was deciding what I wanted to do for 32 years I would still choose teaching here at ETHS,” says Figiel.

Figiel’s favorite part about being a teacher is her interactions with the students.

“I think high school students are so engaging and funny.  Sometimes I have been in class teaching and think that myself, “they’re paying me to do this,” says Figiel.

Next year, Figiel plans to travel, but quickly get back to teaching.

“I want to first travel throughout the United States. I’ve been to countries in Europe but have not really traveled within the States,” says Figiel.

Figiel has been in the same room since she started teaching at ETHS in 1984.

“It’s crazy to think that when I started here I had not met my husband, but I was engaged in this room, pregant in this room, and moved from house to house but would always return each morning to E309,” says Figiel.