Special Education students receive scholarships and money


This is the total amount of scholarship money that Lauran Bromley, whose father founded the gaming company SEGA, is donating this year to outstanding students in the Special Education Dept.

“For the past 25 years, she has donated to the Special Education Dept. for our end of the year special education awards so that we could give financial awards to students who have had strong years,” says Dr. James Wilczynski, school psychologist.

Bromley originally started off by donating arcade games then she began donating $5,000 then it increased to $7,500, then to $10,000 and finally it soared to a whopping $20,000. In total, over the past 25 years she has donated about $200,000.

“These awards really highlight and celebrate the students who have worked really hard and have had a really good year,” states Wilczynski.

Recently, Bromley has been donating extra money to create scholarships, along with her usual contribution, and are given to four seniors, worth $2,500 to each student.

Awards given are specific to each of the students awarded. For example, there are attendance awards and performing well in school awards. And each award can amount to about $300 for the student.

“It offers them a chance at getting a prize and award for doing well,” Lauran Bromley states,”It’s a feel good moment and something for them to work towards and achieve.”

The Bromley awards will occur on May 17 along with the other department awards.

“It builds up a lot of self-integrity because they have accomplished something and I think that’s great,” says Bromley.