Follow our advice for a successful school year


Whether you are a timid freshman with a huge backpack weighing you down or a carefree senior with a few pens in your pockets, everyone can benefit from a few words of wisdom on the first day back. Here’s what we have to say about beating the back to school stress.

Freshman year: Join a club. Try everything. Freshman year is the time to make a lot of new friends, so find ones that share your interests. It may take awhile to become familiar with high school life, but don’t let that distract you from your school work. Many people may say that freshmen grades don’t matter but they absolutely do.

Sophomore year: Don’t slack off. You finally get the hang of high school and you are no longer getting lost in the halls of ETHS. While it’s clear you belong here, don’t forget that academically, ETHS is very rigorous and you want to be ready for the challenging years to come.

Junior year: Stay focused. People have told you that junior year is tough, and they are right. Stay organized and keep up with your assignments, because once you fall behind there is no coming back. Learn to manage your time, even if it means bailing on a night out with friends.

Senior Year: Start strong. Balance your time between academics and social life. It is important to keep grades up through the end of senior year, but keep in mind that this is the last year as a Wildkit and your last year with all of your friends in one place. Don’t waste any time with people who don’t make you happy and take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way. Enjoy your last year, but make sure you’re prepared for the future.

Don’t let the bustling halls of ETHS scare you away from having a fantastic year. We at the Evanstonian know that the start of the year can be intimidating, but follow our advice and be sure to start the year off right.