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Rodney Lowe

From the Lowe Family

September 10, 2020

The following was provided by the Lowe Family: Northwest Indiana - Rodney Kevin Lowe, 61, originally of Gary, Indiana, passed away on the morning of Tuesday, August 25, 2020 at his home in Michigan City,...

Mr. Lowe sitting behind his desk.

Rodney K. Lowe: The man who brought The Evanstonian to life

Jonah Charlton and Eli Cohen September 10, 2020
Mr. Lowe’s energy was one of the things that his colleagues and students remembered most about him. Mentee and colleague Patti Minegishi Delacruz called it “magnetic,” 2017-18 Executive Editor Harrison Witt said his energy made him “an absolute joy to be around” and countless others said it was the thing they remembered most about him.
Lowe and Campbell at Lowes retirement celebration in 2017.

‘Mr. Lowe was a man of deep conviction and deep wisdom’

Marcus Campbell, Colleague September 10, 2020
At one point in time, we were the only Black men teaching in the English department, and as a young Black male just beginning my teaching career, Mr. Lowe would share his experiences with race at ETHS and what I could expect.
Witt, Barbato, Lowe, Colton and Donati (from left) in 2017.

Lowe’s Last Class

In the fall of 2017, Lowe and The Evanstonian staff published six issues together prior to Lowe’s early retirement in December of that year. Though Lowe was often absent due to recurring health issues, the staff was able to produce more issues than in a typical year as Lowe continued to push his students to create the best product possible, just like he had for the 30 years prior.
Idler and Lowe on Decision Day 2017.

‘I would not be who I am today without him and his impact on my life.’

Samantha Idler, 2016-17 Executive Editor September 10, 2020
My time at ETHS would not have been the same without Lowe. He remains a constant inspiration in my life and will forever be one of my greatest mentors. I wouldn’t be who I am today without him and I can only hope to leave a legacy as great as his.
Lowe, Krumholz (back row, first from right) and other members of The Evanstonian staff in 2019

‘It’s not often that a teacher, or any person for that matter, stands alongside you in your struggle’

Rachel Krumholz, 2018-19 Executive Editor September 10, 2020
I loved Lowe. I love Lowe — his off-kilter humor, candy jar, uninspiring inspirational posters, blunt emails, chaotic power points, current event competitions and all. I wish I had told him this, I am sure everyone who knew Lowe wished they had told him this.
A Letter to Lowe

A Letter to Lowe

Trinity Collins September 10, 2020
As, as I look at the world, the future, and the world we are trying to build, my radical hope, my radical belief in community guides me. Sparked with you. Guided by you. You guide me home. 
Lowe and Young at an IHSA Journalism competition in 2018 — and the famous “big 
Rodney hug.”

‘There was always a place for me in S103’

Sara Young, Colleague September 10, 2020
As the years went on, we found ourselves on many adventures.  We drove together in those large vans to St. Louis and Nashville for National Conventions with students.  Rodney drove the bus to state, always hilariously struggling with the alarms on the bus every year, while the students made their jokes about it. I am sad that I was not able to go down with him the last couple of times because Rodney was worried I’d be giving birth on that small bus, and let’s be honest that worry was valid, but we did laugh about it.
The last image Lowe sent to Delacruz in early 2020.

‘Mr. Lowe’s presence felt like magnetic energy’

Patti Minegishi Delacruz, Mentee & Colleague September 10, 2020

When I think about Mr. Rodney Lowe, I think of his smile, the way he could make you feel that the conversation you were having with him at that moment was important. And our conversations often were. To...

‘Mr. Lowe helped me discover my passion’

Mac Stone, 2018-19 News Editor September 10, 2020
Mr. Lowe was a special kind of man. He was kind, sincere and unapologetically himself. He never backed down from fighting for what he thought was right. His boisterous laughter could make your day. He was more than just a teacher; he was a mentor.
From left: Werner, Lowe and Cameron Mulvihill, 2018-19 Entertainment Reviewer, at a 2019 IHSA event.

Mr. Lowe,

Chris Werner, 2018-19 Sports Editor September 10, 2020
Your teaching style was, how shall I say this, unique. Whether it be the competitive current events quizzes that were supposed to happen weekly, but really occurred only about once a month or the cringy transitions on your powerpoints, you had your own system. 
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