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Exercising your first amendment

Abrielle Claude, Online Writer September 15, 2016

Recent, San Francisco 49ers Quarterback Colin Kaepernick was shamed by many people for not standing up for the National Anthem because he believed our flag still does not represent freedom for everyone....

Hearth restaurant offers a new twist on classic favorites

Annie Doyle, Online Executive Editor September 15, 2016

Although some of the selections may not cater to younger palettes, Hearth Restaurant is a great way to expand your horizons while getting a great meal. The Hearth menu is divided into small and big...

College athletes should be paid

Eli Baum, Opinion Editor September 8, 2016

  Don’t forget the “athlete” in “student-athlete.” College athletes should be compensated for the work, and room and board is not enough. The start of college football once again...

Current parking permit system is unfair

Matt Barbato, Opinion Editor August 22, 2016

It’s time to put the brakes on the current parking permit system.         Junior and senior parking permits sold out quickly on Monday, Aug. 8, but the process of getting one was a guessing...

A letter from your student representative

Honor Allen August 22, 2016

Hey Wildkits! I'm Honor, I'm a senior, and I'm your Student Representative for the School Board. This is a pretty fancy-sounding title, and yet, I'm going to guess a lot of you have no idea what it means....

Change the way you act towards Safety officers

Editorial August 22, 2016

It’s time to let go of grudges. At the end of last school year it seemed as though most of us cared less about finals and more about the safety stealing scandal. Although that was a serious issue,...

New college applications put too much pressure on students

Jane Mather-Glass, Opinion Columnist August 22, 2016

Freshmen, get ready to start your college applications. Although that sounds daunting, it may be reality due to a new college application that entails creating a portfolio starting freshman year. This...

#BlueLivesMatter misses the mark

#BlueLivesMatter misses the mark

Carrington York, Opinion Editor August 22, 2016

The Blue Lives Matter movement is a huge punch in the face for social and civil rights activists everywhere. The summer of 2016 has proven to be the breeding ground for hashtagwars, one of the most...

Bernie supporters should remain involved

Eli Baum, Opinion Editor August 22, 2016

Bernie Sanders’s campaign may be over, but his supporters’ involvement in politics should not.         Following his loss to Hillary Clinton for the Democratic presidential nomination, and...

Inconvenient security actually protects students

Inconvenient security actually protects students

Annie Keenan, Opinion Editor April 27, 2016

The recent closing of the gym entrance might feel like an inconvenience, but it should be praised rather than criticized. The safety officers at our school deserve a thank you for protecting us. With...

It’s been real, Kits

Camille Allen, News Editor April 27, 2016

As your Student Representative I can honestly say that I’ve worked hard this year to advocate for your needs, concerns, and issues. As a member of the District 202 Board of Education and the President...

Don’t buy into tuition-free college

Eli Baum, Opinion Editor April 26, 2016

Tuition-free college may sound good on paper, but in reality, it would result in far more harm than good. Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign has started conversations on many different topics,...

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