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ETHS should accommodate in-school absences

Editorial April 21, 2017

We need an in-school absence policy. It’s time we open up students’ schedules so that they may experience the important events held at our school. Throughout the year, and especially in the months...

White Students: Stop talking over students of color

White Students: Stop talking over students of color

Adam Marquardt, Opinion Editor April 21, 2017

You may believe that more voices make a conversation better, but that doesn’t mean you’re entitled to discussions about issues that don’t affect you. Now that films like Get Out and 13th are provoking...

Sexual assault education must improve

Jane Mather-Glass, Opinion Columnist April 21, 2017

While most ETHS health classes go in depth on mental and physical health, teachers and their curriculums are not free of stigma when it comes to sexual assault. It’s time teachers educate the student...

Cell Phone to Cell Block

Carrington York, Opinion Editor March 17, 2017

Be careful. The line between legal and illegal sexting is too thin for many to see. Teens all around the United States are have gotten involved in the “send nudes” trend. According to,...


Ethan Harvey, Opinion Editor March 17, 2017

While some believe teenagers are more naive compared to the rest of society, such qualities should not keep them out of the polls. A citizen’s right to vote at age 18 has been in place since 1971,...

Speak up

Matthew Barbato, Opinion Editor March 17, 2017

While teachers often feel pressure to be objective, sharing their personal opinions with students during class discussion provokes students in a way that promotes positive discourse. The rules surrounding...

Students should value action over labels

Sofia Sant’Anna-Skites, Opinion Editor March 17, 2017

While students may label themselves as liberals, allies or activists, many don’t fully participate in the fight for equity. Attending marches for justice and raising awareness about important issues...

Read new news

Jane Mather-Glass, Opinion Columnist March 17, 2017

Branch out. Only getting news from sources that bolster our opinions ends up limiting our knowledge and perspectives. Many of us get our news from articles shared on Facebook or from CNN notifications...

Punching Nazis

Adam Marquardt, Opinion Writer March 17, 2017

Common wisdom tells us that violence is never the answer, but when our friends and family are threatened by genocide, we cannot respond with business-as-usual. Punching a White supremacist does not make...

Too JUUL for school

March 17, 2017

A JUUL is the hottest version of an e-cigarette, which is a cigarette-shaped device containing a nicotine-based liquid that is vaporized and inhaled. The JUUL, however, is shaped like a flash drive The...

Social workers must communicate

Social workers must communicate

Sofia Sant’Anna-Skites, Opinion Editor February 24, 2017

While social workers intend to help students, lack of communication can cause tricky situations. Students should always seek help when struggling with emotional or mental issues. Social workers work...

Alternative facts for life

Jane Mather-Glass, Opinion Columnist February 24, 2017

You might have heard that alternative facts are “lies” or “falsehoods,” but really they’re a perfect solution to all your problems throughout high school and life in general! Here’s the...

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