Letter to the editor: The Evanstonian should be aware of what is printed

Marnie O'Malley, Class of 2017

Last week, in the first edition of ETHS’s school newspaper, a picture of my friend and me was randomly placed into an article about racism occurring at a concert called Country Thunder. The picture was placed in a way to imply I was condoning a racist atmosphere at the concert. The picture was placed without my approval, but the caption below the picture says I approved of it.

I oppose racism and intolerance in all forms. I went unaware of the fact that it is a racist place. I didn’t participate in any demonstrations that was in any way racist. I detest racism.

In the future, I hope the Evanstonian understands that placing random pictures from students’ social media accounts needs accountability. And they can’t write that someone consented to pictures when they did not.