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Ponte en sus zapatos

Ponte en sus zapatos

Mario Olvera, Escritor Invitado October 5, 2018

Siendo Senior ahora en la escuela y viniendo de padres inmigrantes es difícil ver en las noticias como Trump y su administración hablan mal de inmigrantes porque no todo lo que dicen es cierto. Por ejemplo,...

Letter to The Evanstonian: Harley Clarke demolition is preservation

Mollie Hartenstein, Letter to The Evanstonian October 5, 2018

In the last issue, The Evanstonian published an editorial entitled “Save Harley Clarke”, which argued that the Harley Clarke Mansion should not be demolished because the group planning to demolish...

Illustration by Rachel Krumholz

Boycott Walker Brothers

Saskia Teterycz, Staff Writer October 5, 2018

Walker Brothers Pancake House: famous for their perfectly fluffy chocolate chip pancakes, delicious fresh squeezed orange juice and endless lines out the door at ten o’clock in the morning. Their iconic...

Illustration by Rose McRodain

Fifth Ward Needs a School

Meena Sharma, Staff Writer October 4, 2018

If you grew up in Evanston, your school was likely a hop, skip and a jump away. Unfortunately, this is not true for students who live in the fifth ward. Despite historic efforts to change this issue, there...

The 7Bs: Blackness before books because books bring backlash

The 7B’s: Blackness before books because books bring backlash

Nakaiya Bias, Staff Writer October 2, 2018

Everyone has heard of the 7 B’s right? Books before boys because boys bring babies. Well in the black community, it’s a little different. Blackness before books because books bring backlash. When...

White feminism perpetuates white supremacy

White feminism perpetuates white supremacy

Sophia Weglarz, Executive Editor September 28, 2018

Past the crowds of pink pussy hats and protest signs with bedazzled uteruses on them, there’s something malevolent hanging in the air. If you look closely, it’s there. It’s everywhere. It’s white...

“Si te hago daño a ti, me hago daño a mismo”

Liana Wallace, Opinion Columnist August 30, 2018

This summer on a trip to the Holocaust museum I was able to interact with one of the youngest Holocaust survivors, Samuel Harris, through a holographic theatre. After Sam shared his incredible story...

More student perspectives are essential to the “Evanstonian”

Callie Grober, Opinion Editor August 29, 2018

We want you! At the Evanstonian, we believe it’s essential to incorporate as many perspectives into our paper in order to present a more accurate representation of ETHS.   In order to produce...

Standing NOvation: Culture of confidence hinders change for LGBTQIA+ community

Sophia Weglarz, Assistant Opinion Editor August 28, 2018

In his monthly Superintendent’s Spotlight series for June 2018, Dr. Witherspoon highlighted ETHS achievements in equity for the year. ETHS is a well-oiled machine that runs on “collaboration, respect...

Save Harley Clarke

Save Harley Clarke

Editorial August 27, 2018

Last Tuesday, Aug. 21, the City of Evanston’s Electoral Board, comprised of the mayor, city clerk and senior alderman, dispelled challenges to the referendum to save the Harley Clarke mansion and grounds...

The conversation that needs to happen before equity can be attained

Grant Williams-Yackel, Guest Opinion Writer May 24, 2018

Red, white and blue can- dies sparkled in a miniature plastic gumball machine centered on a wide wooden table. I took my seat in Dr. Eric Witherspoon’s office and glanced upward at the floor to...

An open letter to ETHS military recruits

Jacob Dalton, Opinion Columnist May 24, 2018

I am Private First Class Dalton, Illinois National Guard. I joined in Feb. of 2017. I signed a six year contract with the Army as a Combat Medic. I attended Fort Jackson, South Carolina in second platoon,...

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