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IB programs should be examined as alternate to AP programs

Grace Fay, Opinion Editor April 27, 2018

The time has come again for students to stress over AP tests, and with it the ever present question: is it worth it? AP Programs have long been the standard for advanced classes in high school. But...

Wildkit in the mirror: do better

Wildkit in the mirror: do better

March 25, 2018

Here we are again: dividing ourselves further and further as a school community. As featured in the news piece, “Conflict in student section ignites racial tension”, the events that occurred at the...

We need to make good on the promise of radical change

Adam Marquardt, Opinion Editor March 23, 2018

This month, Evanston students made an important political demonstration with a bold message. We need to expand and extend that message.      By expressing their political will, young people are establishing...

Drawing by Leah Brieva.

Gen Z must be aware of their shortcomings

Grace Fay, Opinion Editor March 23, 2018

After Parkland, there’s a fascination in the generation born after 1996. What’s so special? Turns out, a lot.     The vast difference stems from the incredibly disruptive environment that Generation...

Drawing by Leah Brieva.

Take advantage of your right to vote

Editorial March 23, 2018

It has become clear that Evanston is one of the more politically active communities in the area, if not the nation. Earlier this month, our own student body demonstrated this with mass attendance and involvement...

Letter to the Evanstonian: Latinx summit attendees feel pushed aside by location change

Jocelyn Segura-Santamaria, Guest Writer March 23, 2018

The annual Latinx Summit happened a week ago, and it stirred up a lot of conversations, specifically due to the presence of Chelsea Clinton and her use of the auditorium.      I’ve helped facilitate...

Drawing by Nora Miller.

Student evaluation of teachers improves communication, performance

Callie Grober and Callie Grober March 23, 2018

Students spend hundreds of hours a year with their teachers and know more about their teaching style than a department chair observing one class period could. Yet, ETHS is not taking advantage of students’...

Photo courtesy of Slate.

The Kids are Alright: Parkland students set example for powerful activism

Callie Grober, Opinion Editor March 6, 2018

Sandy Hook. Virginia Tech. Columbine. Red Lake. These names are all too well-known in our country. Americans have become so used to school shootings that the aftermath inevitably follows a three step pattern....

Do new developments erase Evanstons identity?

Do new developments erase Evanston’s identity?

Grace Fay and Gigi Wade February 22, 2018

While many argue that new developments silence our diversity and culture, the truth is they are necessary for progress. The past few years have seen several development proposed. Almost all are...

Wildkits vs. Trevians

Wildkits vs. Trevians

Onyx York, Opinion Columnist February 22, 2018

The old Evanston-New Trier rivalry.Over the years, it’s gone beyond healthy competitiveness, convincing Wildkits to reduce Trevians to a group of ethically shallow, rich kids, but this stigma we’ve...

History courses need current events focus

Callie Grober, Opinion Editor February 22, 2018

The creation of a new Civics history course for sophomores ensured that students would actively learn and discuss today’s news. This idea, however, should be implemented into all history classes at Evanston...

AP Exams should be an individualized choice

AP Exams should be an individualized choice

Editorial February 22, 2018

ETHS is in many ways a haven for individualized academic and extracurricular pursuits; the requirement of registration for and completion of AP exams undermines that reputation. These mandates, and the...

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