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Scholastic Bowl team heads to regionals

Katie Schober, Staff Writer March 7, 2023

The ETHS Scholastic Bowl team is heading to regionals on March sixth, looking to continue their impressive season. The Varsity team, composed of juniors and seniors has been on a winning streak recently,...

Chess team finishes second at state, advancing to nationals

Hannah Cervantes, Staff Writer February 20, 2023

ETHS is known for many things, from our merciless sports teams to our high academic achievers. Imagine these two powerhouses put into one team. ETHS’s chess team is the highest-winning team in any high...

ETHS DECA members advance to state competition

Mackenzie Greco, Staff Writer February 20, 2023

The Distributive Education Clubs of America (DECA) club at ETHS- run by Ms. Weber- is a group that has different focus-issued prompts/problems that students find a solution to. Every year, students across...

Evanston City Council votes to raise police officer salaries

Elliot Hoffner, Staff Writer February 14, 2023

Many people’s job situations changed as a result of COVID. Some lost their jobs, while others chose to leave; much of this shifting was due to economic reasons. This is known as The Great Resignation,...

Honors recital celebrates choir, band and orchestra performers

Hannah Cervantes, Staff Writer February 7, 2023

On January 24 ETHS hosted its annual Honors Recital, an event hosted by the ETHS music staff. Participants in the school band, orchestra and choir are able to audition for the chance to perform solo or...

Results of the ballot measure to approve ranked choice voting in Evanston.

Evanston makes support of ranked-choice voting ‘unequivocally clear’ in midterm elections

Tarek Anthony, Staff Writer December 2, 2022

The highly anticipated 2022 midterms elections proved as consequential. Unexpectedly, Democrats defied the GOP’s anticipated “red wave” pulling out mere senate wins in swing states such as Pennsylvania...

New principal ‘called upon’ to lead students, staff

Charlotte Geyskens, Staff Writer November 14, 2022

As the teenage daughter of a minister coming of age in southwest Iowa, Taya Kinzie spent those years focused on community-centered work, spending her childhood volunteering. Although Dr. Kinzie didn’t...

Evanston concludes year-long search for city manager

Milo Slevin, Staff Writer November 14, 2022

When Evanston City Manager Luke Stowe enters his office every day, he blocks out the chaos surrounding his new job and gets to work on making Evanston a better place. In the past year, he has seen a city...

High school students who dont have any social media accounts are increasingly rare.

Offline: Avoiding social media in an ever-connected world

Isabella Martinez and Tanya Weisman November 14, 2022

Some may feel juggling school, clubs, and relationships challenging when having a constant distraction in their pocket. “When I had TikTok, I would sit there for a couple of hours at a time without...

New way to track community service hours in SchooLinks

Elise Goulding, Staff Writer October 14, 2022

This year, ETHS has moved the platform that students track community service hours on from myETHS to SchooLinks, which is used primarily for College and Career readiness. Students can submit by clicking...

Evanstonians talk prevention, support during breast cancer awareness month

Clara Gustafson and Hannah Cervantes October 14, 2022

When October begins, so does breast cancer awareness month. In Evanston this means events to raise awareness and support for those with breast cancer, those who have beaten it, those working to help those...

Students take to Chicago streets to push for climate change action

Annabelle Harris and Rosie Witt October 14, 2022

According to NCEI’s Global Annual Temperature Rankings Outlook, it is almost certain that the year 2022 will be among the 10 warmest years on record, which will be detrimental to our planet and its ecosystems....

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