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Social Consciousness

HISTORY In 2014, ETHS introduced its first Black Student Summit. This event, which at the time was broken down into a Black Male and Female Summit, marked the beginning of the Social Consciousness...

Accessibility of activism efforts

Caroline Jacobs and Sydney Ter Molen August 26, 2019

As students undertake various forms of activism, there are barriers that exclude certain groups of people from joining these movements. Trends concerning race, socioeconomic status, and physical capability...

ETHS students join national youth activism movement

Lauren Dain, Assistant In-Depth Editor August 26, 2019

High schoolers across the nation have begun a modern student activism movement. Through activist events, students are creating change on local and national levels for topics such as gun violence, women’s...

How youth activism is breaking the mold

Sophia Weglarz and Aldric Martinez-Olson August 26, 2019

Between organizing school-wide walkouts and facilitating change-driven conversations, Evanston’s youth activists have found time to break the mold of activism as we know it.  Youth involvement in...

Pay to play club sports open opportunities for few

Caroline Jacobs, Assistant In-Depth Editor September 28, 2018

Playing club sports opens up many opportunities for athletes on both high school and eventually college teams. These opportunities, however, are not available to all due to the extensive financial expenses...

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