‘Clue’ brings mystery, creativity to ETHS theater

Kayla Drajpuch and Emerson Singer

The ETHS freshman/sophomore play is an opportunity for underclassmen to take the stage. This year, the play is a production of Clue, a classic whodunnit mystery based on the board game. In the show, all the game pieces become people. Everyone is gathered at the same house with a murderer among them, and the guests must work together to sniff out the killer. 

Those who have played the board game may be very familiar with the layout, weapons and secret passages mentioned in the show. However, seeing the characters on stage gives a whole new dimension to the story.

“The director added shadow puppets, which I think really worked. It was really well done and creative,” notes freshman Rocco DiPadova, who played the motorist and chief of police.

The puppets in the show provided the audience with necessary information that the characters on stage were not yet aware of, which heightened the dramatic irony in the production. 

 Amongst the stellar cast, sophomore Silas Smith did an incredible job portraying Wadsworth, the butler. 

“It’s my first year doing the ETHS plays, but I have done theater since I was four years old,” Smith says. 

The set was beautiful, and it was also very adaptable and made each setting believable. While the main set didn’t change throughout the course of the show, the puppet show and declarations from characters created a sense of location that kept the audience informed and engaged.

The director added shadow puppets, which I think really worked. It was really well done and creative.

— Freshman Rocco DiPadova

On a less technical note, Smith and DiPadova both mentioned the lasting friends and positive experiences that Clue brought them.

“The audition process was very supportive. Before going in, everybody would cheer you on. It was very comforting and welcoming,” DiPadova says.

“I did the freshman/sophomore play in the fall and both of those casts got really tight-knit. We still hang out individually,” Smith notes.

Clue is a strong production all-around, with amazing costumes, set design, and actors. To learn more, check out the ETHS Theatre website.