Senior Showcase awards three senior scholarships

Sofie Kennedy and Sophie Yang

    The Senior Showcase is an opportunity for seniors to display their artwork and have a chance to win a variety of scholarships which are awarded to three seniors. This year the three graduating students are Dylan Anderson, Leah Brieva and Kameron Kull.

    Each artist compiled pieces to form a final display. Brieva talks about the kinds of pieces she put in her space.

    “My showcase included 26 pieces of varying sizes and a book of work as well. My four largest pieces included a self portrait, two abstracted self portraits, and an observational drawing of a nude model.”

    Anderson took a different route with his space in the showcase. Being a photographer, Anderson talks about his process and attention to detail within his work.

    “I treat every photo I take as a metaphorical canvas, in that I’m paying attention to every miniscule detail,” Anderson says. “I tend to feel as though I’m painting within a frame. I love using spaces to create natural shapes and colors that draw the eye in.”

    The pieces included in the showcase came from  a variety of places. Some participants have been compiling artwork from all four years and various art classes they’ve taken.

    “I submitted a lot of work. I ended up putting up around 30 pieces of some of my favorite work I’ve made while in high school.” Anderson says.

    Others included pieces they have worked on all year.

    “A lot of the pieces were going into my AP Portfolio and I really liked how some of them came out. A couple of them I had done on my own and I thought were worthy of being displayed.” Kull says.

    All students involved in an art class evaluated the displays and then the scholarships and developmental awards were given out. Each senior with a showcase was ranked one through five. While two of the awards are chosen based on student votes, the other and final award is selected by faculty.

    “The art teachers we have at the high school are so incredibly knowledgeable and so kind. They support and help us excel at whatever we are truly passionate about. We are truly lucky to have them.” Kull says.

     Brieva agreed, adding, “They [the teachers] really believe in their students and are constantly pushing them to be better.”

     The next steps for these senior artists all include art, with Anderson going to Parsons School for Design in Manhattan for photography, Brieva to the Maryland Institute College of Art, and while going to the University of Redlands in California undecided, Kull has hope to continue with art in the future.