Evanston talent take the stage for E-Town Idol


Student sings at previous E-Town Idol competition.

Sofie Kennedy, Entertainment Editor

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E-Town Idol will host its annual talent-filled competition on Nov. 10, which will showcase selected student singers, dancers, and musicians.

“E-Town Idol is a diverse opportunity that brings students together to showcase their various talents,” Carlton Rosemond, E-Town Idol coordinator, says. “It is a way to be able to get kids to open up that also exposes the Evanston community to the different talents ETHS students compose.”

The show has transformed from a small student activity to a schoolwide production since it started 12 years ago.

“It has evolved into a very big show that students look forward to. We are always evolving and trying to create more opportunities for people to perform,” Rosemond says.

This year, 22 students have been selected and have been working closely with their assigned coaches since October for a chance to win. There are six voluntary coaches helping with this year’s contestants, with one guest judge outside of the ETHS faculty.

“By having a judge from outside of the building, we eliminate any bias that could potentially appear in judging,” Rosemond says.

Competitors must practice with their coach at least twice before competing.

“My Coach was Ms. Jervis, and she was amazing. She gave me great feedback, and made me think about how my music makes people feel. She made me feel more comfortable performing in front of an audience,” Jacobson says.

The competition is divided into multiple categories including singing, singing with instrumental, dance, spoken word, and rap. Each category winner receives a trophy, an E-Town Idol Winner shirt, and a cash prize. Throughout the show there are staff members that perform as well.

A panel of five judges watches each performance, and gives one on one feedback to each contestant after they have completed their act. Contestants are judged based on stage presence, ability, crowd participation, costume, and delivery.

“I decided to compete, because I wanted to get more experience singing in front of people. I wanted to see what it was like to compete with people over something that is important to me,” Jacobson says.

Everyone is encouraged to engage in the myriad of talent that various Evanston students reek by attending E-Town Idol on Nov. 10 at 6pm. Tickets can be bought at the door for $5.