PARCC testing limits students’ learning

The PARCC test is supposed to determine students’ readiness for post-secondary education, but it is taking away from valuable class time  to do so.

PARCC stands for Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers. Illinois is part of a large group of states that has aligned itself with the PARCC. In a few years, each grade level will have to take a different PARCC test each year.

The problem is that the administration didn’t even know when the test was going to take place until after the school year started. In the future, the logistics of the test should be taken care of before the school year starts.

In the future, the PARCC test will be used by state universities to determine how ready incoming students will be for the entry-level mandatory courses taken by freshmen students.

The number of days taken from the school year for testing could amount to 20 days in future, according to Principal Marcus Campbell. All this testing cuts into time for curriculum, but it is now law.

Many students are going to have days off as a result of the testing, but days off are not what they should be given.

Everyone not taking the test should continue their regular schedule so that they can succeed in their academics, and not focus on how long they can sleep in on a day off school.