Raising the minimum wage is not the answer

Minimum wage equals minimum effort.

Raising the minimum wage will lower competition for jobs and reward people for doing easier jobs.

Chicago has decided to raise the minimum wage from eight dollars to 13 dollars by 2019. This decision was implemented to help out struggling families, but it might force employers to lay off people because the cost of hiring an employee would increase. The last ditch attempt by Mayor Rahm Emanuel to gain votes as a “man of the one percent”, will hurt Americans in the long run.

It makes no sense to award people for working jobs originally meant for high schoolers. Minimum wage jobs aren’t meant to support families, they should be transitional jobs that lead people into more advanced careers that require education. Trying to support your family by delivering pizzas is not a goal.

It is necessary to help families that are struggling with their financial means, and we can’t all find a good job in this struggling economy while we are still in a recession.

Minimum wage jobs are not the way to help out families that are struggling. As a community we should be encouraging education and pushing people at a young age to understand that minimum wage jobs are not careers.  The American economy is already struggling, and adding more money to the problem isn’t going to fix it. The minimum wage should not be raised, because the consequences outway the benefits.