It’s free! Wildkit Academy ACT class deserves more attention

It’s free! Wildkit Academy ACT class deserves more attention

Save your money and attend Wildkit Academy ACT prep.

Some of you are beginning ACT prep with expensive, private tutors. This is a waste of money with the option of Wildkit Academy ACT prep, offered at every Wildkit Academy during both sessions, free of charge.

All subjects covered on the ACT are covered during these sessions, a full three hours of ACT prep if students attend both sessions; this is clearly the smarter option.

With theses benefits, attendance should be through the roof. This program is just as good, if not better, than a private program that costs money. Somehow, these sessions only attract five or six people per session. More people should take advantage of this opportunity.

Debra Winkler, ACT tutor who teaches private lessons in addition to those at Wildkit

Academy, does not understand why there is such low attendance. Winkler has been running the program for three years. Her work is effective, with a record of getting one student’s ACT score up 10 points.

Additionally, Winkler charges $60.00 an hour for ETHS students for her private lessons, where she teaches the same methods that she teaches at Wildkit Academy. This is undoubtedly the wiser choice.

Though the Wildkit Academy ACT prep holds numerous benefits, Winkler insists that private tutoring can be beneficial. It is more tailored to each individual student and is focused to their own needs. Private lessons can be helpful for students who need to change just one part of their scores.

Still, some students learn better from a group environment. There is more collaboration and learning from the mistakes of others.

Some students may be reluctant to attend Wildkit Academy because it’s marketed to people who need more help doing their homework. However, a standardized test, particularly the ACT, is unfamiliar to everyone and it is important that you succeed on it. This is a test where everyone can use as much help and strategizing as possible.

It’s important to gain confidence in standardized testing because it is an important aspect of the college admissions process. Everyone needs to appear at their absolute best on a piece of paper, which can be a tricky thing to do.

If Saturday mornings don’t work, Winkler will begin teaching ACT prep classes after Oct. 25 on Mondays in the Hub. This opportunity is too valuable to waste.

Another option for ACT prep is the Evanston Scholars program, but Winkler has found this program less effective because its repetitiveness.

Wildkit Academy’s ACT prep has many distinct benefits; it’s free, it’s effective and it’s offered at ETHS, an environment that students are comfortable with already. Winkler’s methods for success really work and it’s ridiculous that so few people take advantage of her help.

The next session of Wildkit Academy is on Oct. 18. It may be hard to wake up before 9:00 am on a Saturday morning, but nothing can beat the feeling of being proud of your ACT score.