Don’t take our creative community for granted

Creativity surrounds us in Evanston, and most of us don’t even realize it.
Evanston is a community full of creative minds, and while the town has done a great job appreciating its artists, high school students may not appreciate or even understand the local arts community as much as they should.
Evanston caters to its creative community in a number of ways. There are installations, such as the large psychedelic paintings featured at every purple line El stop. Mosaics, murals, and other projects pepper the town, covering both inside and outside parks, schools, and businesses. Evanston also boasts a number of galleries, and art events and festivals such as YEA! are a common occurrence during throughout the year.
Despite the vibrant creativity in our town, many people (particularly high school students) seemingly couldn’t care less about the arts or what they stand for. Perhaps this is because the concept of “the arts” is somewhat vague and almost indirect. However, the arts are an important form of expression, and allow people to have a voice through their creations.
It is a gift to have places to exhibit creativity, such as the Evanston Cultural Arts Center, the Vineyard, and the fine arts wing at ETHS. Pam Baumgartner, AP Studio Art teacher, says that although Evanston is a “seriously focused” arts community, she would like to see students who never venture into the Art Wing to check it out.
Not only are there events that showcase the arts community in our town, but groups such as EvanstARTs actively try to stimulate the local creative community.
Getting involved with the arts is easier than one might think. It can be as simple as walking down through the Art Wing or participating in a creative club. If you are looking to volunteer in the community, there are always creative projects happening that could use a hand. And if not, there are always performers that could use an audience!