Controversy over obesity has no merit


Our school is ignorant.
People are too misguided by whether or not obesity should be classified as a disease that they’re ignoring to problem of obesity entirely.
The obesity issue has a single cause, which is the lack of education about nutrition and exercise. This affects elementary children specifically who start learning habits at a young age. If we educate students on how to make healthy habits early on, we can limit the risk of obesity.
There’s too much focus on whether or not obesity is a disease, that the actual problem is not being addressed. Instead, there should be classes in elementary school that educate students on how to be healthy. If students are educated then they will make the right decision when it comes to what food to eat, and how to exercise.
Some people are doing things about the issue and working towards educating students on how to be healthy. The world renowned chef Jamie Oliver went to the most obese town in the country, Huntington, West Virginia, and worked towards educating the residents there on how to live a healthier and more fulfilling life.
Jamie Oliver’s documentary pertaining to obesity is viewed in some health classes every year at ETHS. A lot of students watch this documentary thinking that the issue is not as bad as it seems, however it is apparent that students at ETHS are not fully aware of the crisis that the obesity issue is becoming. If more students were educated about this in school they would have stronger feelings about the issue and be motivated to do something about it.
Even though some students take healthy dieting and exercise to heart and make it a part of their daily routine, other do not. It is vital for those who know how to take care of their bodies to teach their friends why it is important to stay in shape. Change begins with a single person helping someone else, and that is how this disease will be tackled best.