Don’t fall prey to a stereotypical Valentine’s Day



Valentine’s Day is annoying.

First off, this so-called “loving” holiday actually puts pressure on couples and singles alike. Couples are pressured to spend lots of money on their partner, while singles are pressured to find one.

It doesn’t help that everywhere you look, stores are plastered with ads with couples handing each other expensive gifts. If you’re in a relationship, these are indicators that you need to give your significant other something better for the holiday. If you’re single, it’s a not-so-polite reminder that you won’t be receiving gifts from your special someone because you don’t have one. The stress brought on by this holiday goes both ways.

Even worse, when buying gifts, boys are pressured to spend more on girls than vice versa. On average, men spend almost double of what women are spending on Valentine’s Day gifts.

Corporations encourage the holiday’s stereotypical “boys buy for girls” unwritten rule. Small underlying messages such as men giving women teddy bears in commercials, rather than vice versa, portray this stereotype.

Contrary to popular belief, the value of the gift isn’t written on the price tag. This holiday is just another pain in the wallet, and the gifts bought are insincere. People don’t need to go all out on their presents; something homemade would leave a longer lasting impression.

Even though some people actually prefer the expensive gifts and believe that the more you spend, the more you love, this is a shallow way of expressing your love. It is better to go with a gift that is heartfelt and genuine, rather than pricey and insincere.

It’s important to remember why we are celebrating Valentine’s Day. This holiday is about showing that you love someone, not about whether or not you are in a relationship or how much you’re going to buy for your partner.

If you celebrate this holiday right, you won’t fall prey to the stereotypes and corporate nature of Valentine’s Day. You’ll enjoy the company of your loved ones without the hassles of materialistic dilemmas that this holiday often brings.

If you’d really like to please someone today, be genuine. Signing a store-bought card with your name and a heart will do no good in expressing how you feel this Valentine’s Day. Make a homemade card to show you care. If you don’t have anyone to give a card to, find someone. We must bring back the meaning of Valentine’s Day before it disappears completely.