Thanksgiving without turkey

Many think that Thanksgiving dinner isn’t complete without the turkey, but vegetarians prove that even without meat, Thanksgiving is still just as delicious and worth looking forward to.

Ever wonder what Thanksgiving dinner would be like without its centerpiece, the turkey? Well, many students know what a turkey-less Thanksgiving is like, and it’s delicious.

“I love Thanksgiving dinner because it’s when I get to spend time with all of my family,” says Kate Ellenwood-Bird, junior. Kate has been a vegetarian for some time now and admits that she doesn’t miss the turkey at all. “The idea of eating it now after seven years doesn’t appeal to me.” Kate is certainly not the only one who feels this way.

“I never miss turkey,” says junior Alexis Alltop. “I never really liked meat very much. I can’t remember what it tastes like.” Alexis also explains that instead of turkey, she usually eats pasta or tofu-turkey.

Sophie Anolick, senior, admits that she misses the stuffing the most. “The worst part is that most stuffing is cooked with the turkey,” she says, “and that was my favorite dish, so I miss that.”

But being a vegetarian sometimes has its perks. Anolick, for example, gets a special Thanksgiving dish made especially for her. “I go to my uncle’s and aunt’s for Thanksgiving. He is a chef and always makes me something special. I am the only one who does not eat meat on the whole side of the family.”

Freshman Addison Tench, who is a pescetarian, also says she gets a dish just for her. “Well, sometimes I eat salmon to replace turkey, and I’m really the only one who eats salmon. I guess it’s especially made for me,” she says.

Another student, Macckkeitha Mason, junior, says that her family always makes her and her sister, who is also vegetarian, something exclusive. “My sister and I are the only vegetarians so casseroles like Veggie Bakes Ziti,” she comments. “So good! I really love mac and cheese and sweet potato pie. They make it au gratin especially for us.”

While most vegetarians say they can live without Thanksgiving turkey, there are others who don’t mind breaking the rules, just for one special day. “I guess when I spend Thanksgiving with my awesome loving family, in which there are other veggies including my mom and sister,” says Patrick Baranovskis, junior. “I feel absolutely fine letting my justifications go and having some turkey.”

Whether you’re a vegetarian or not, Thanksgiving will always be a time to cherish those who love us. Turkey doesn’t define Thanksgiving, people do.