Students deserve discounts in downtown Evanston


We deserve a wildcard.

There are numerous signs in store windows encouraging NU students to use their wildcard for discounts, while ETHS students are expected to pay full price. The most common student discount is at the movie theatre, and even then tickets are still pretty expensive for a teenager’s budget.

Downtown Evanston is one of the most popular areas for kids to hang out. The Davis St. train and bus stops are right in the heart of downtown, making it a lot easier to access than Old Orchard or Lincolnwood.

All of the businesses that offer discounts are involved in Northwestern’s Advantage Program. Wouldn’t it be beneficial for Wildkits and businesses in downtown Evanston if ETHS had its own type of advantage program?

Evanston students use Cheesie’s Pub and Grub, American Apparel, Pivot Point, Panera and many more stores right along with NU students. Imagine if we had our own wildcards. Not only would we get much desired discounts, but it would bring a lot of business to participating stores.

Juniors and seniors are able to leave campus for lunch. Many students have cars and drive friends to get a bite to eat; that’s a lot of students leaving the school to buy food.

We at the Evanstonian feel that giving ETHS students a similar discount wildcard program as NU would not only benefit us, but the community as a whole by encouraging more business for downtown Evanston.